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London Revealed: Top Alternative Things to Do

When you visit London, England you won’t be short on activities. You can visit the Tower of London and see where Anne Boleyn and others lost their heads. You have to love the irony because Henry VIII and Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth, was one of the longest reigning Queens of England. But I digress. Instead of doing and seeing the same things as others, check out the following alternative things to do in London.

Bring a Little Magic into Your Life

If you want to see something different, check out The Magic Hour with world-class magician Tony Middleton ‘Sonic’. He takes you back in time to the Golden Age of magic – the Victorian era. Imagine seeing Tony perform illusions such as spirits writing messages from beyond, disappearing objects, and more in a renovated old lounge of Grand Royale Hyde Park. The Magic Hour is one alternative, cool thing to see.

See the Stone Nose of Admiralty Arch

Go to the northernmost arch of Admiralty Arch (it’s on the left as you look toward Trafalgar Square) and you’ll see a strange life-size stone nose protruding halfway up the wall – cool! Legend has it that in 1997 artist Rick Buckley placed objects to protest London’s growth of CCTV: anti-crime closed-circuit television cameras. Please be on your best behavior.

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Visit Venice, Italy

Have you ever traveled to Venice, Italy? If not, you can visit ‘Little Venice’ in London. It features waterside café, pubs, and restaurants. If you visit London in the summer, you’ll see Londoners jump onto canal boats or walk along the riverside to nearby Camden (great shopping) or Regent’s Park.

Offbeat London: Explore Unusual Experiences

When you visit London, try to see and do alternative things in addition to traditional experiences such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and more. London is a magical city (consider spending your Christmas holiday in England) that grabs ahold of you. Once you’re in her grasp, there’s no escaping.

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