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Luxury Travel – What to know and where to go

There’s more to luxury travel than just the experience, it’s a time to relax and escape the hustle and bustle endured in our daily lives and routines. But sometimes taking a break is hard to do with constant tasks and assignments from work, school, and your personal life. Luxury travel makes treating yourself possible, even if just for a weekend getaway.


Sail away for a year or only a day to the land where the palm trees grow, aboard the luxurious cruise line The Haven. Norwegian went for a “hotel within hotel” concept to provide exclusive privacy to its special guests. There’s private pathways throughout the ship, a 24-hour professional butler service, and even a concierge desk that will take care of all dining and entertainment reservations for you! If you’ve never felt like a VIP member, you will on Norwegian’s The Haven!


Cheap flights and unlimited luxury hotel options, including names like The Betsy, Setai, W, St. Regis and Four Seasons, makes Miami a hot spot for weekend and lavish travel. Miami is filled with culture to meet anyone’s standards, from eclectic art exhibits like the Art Deco Museum and shows like the Miami City Ballet, to lively nightlife, top music festivals like Ultra and world renowned eateries, Ot promises you’ll never be bored! And for all you frisky fellows, did you know South Beach is a topless beach?

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How about luxury travel where you never have to leave your hotel?! Practically all hotels located on the Vegas Strip are so massive they provide anything you would ever need. Relax on your own private beach at Mandalay Bay, play basketball in your private suite at the Palms Casino Resort, or even eat celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous cuisine at any time by simply picking up the phone for room service at Caesar’s Palace.

Luxury travel can be an elongated trip, or just weekend fun and relaxation time! Either way, take some time for yourself to enjoy life, and call a travel agent for adventures less-discovered for something new and specific to you!


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