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Santa Claus’s House? Igloo City? Welcome to Unusual Alaska Travel

Visit Alaska, and you’ll most likely do touristy things such as whale watching, visiting Denali National Park, and more. But you probably didn’t realize that Alaska offers you more than fishing, kayaking, rafting, and zip lining. Read on to discover unusual Alaska travel things to do and see. Just think of the stories you’ll have to share with family and friends.

Meet Santa Claus

Visit North Pole, Alaska, “Where the Spirit of Christmas Lives Year Round!” If you’ve often wondered where Santa Claus lives, you may be surprised to learn about the house in North Pole, Alaska. When you visit, you’ll be greeted by a 42-foot-tall Fiberglas Santa Claus statue (he deserves it) and delightful Christmas items that adorn the town year round. Watch out for the reindeer!

See Igloo City

Igloo City in the City of Cantwell, Alaska looks like a comic book villain’s hideout. Construction on the four-story concrete structure began in the 1970s, but it was never finished due to building codes at that time. So, enter Igloo City at your own risk! The building has deteriorated throughout the years. You want to see it from 30,000 feet in the air.

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Visit an Ice Museum

The Aurora Ice Museum is open year-round and offers you a cool time where you can sit on an ice stool at the bar while sipping an ice cold martini. After you’ve chilled out, check out the ice sculptures, i.e., a giant chess set, igloos, and more, from champion ice carver Steve Brice. The place is lit up with chandeliers that splash colors of the Aurora Borealis onto the walls. Cool!

Alaska Travel: Explore the State’s Unusual Side

Imagine going to Mendenhall Gardens and looking at upside down trees that function as natural flower pots. It’s a must-see unusual, hidden attraction! If you’re ready for Alaska travel, I recommend taking an Alaska adventure cruise with Holland. Enjoy the journey!

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