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These Are the Top Reasons to Visit Ireland in the Spring

Have you ever wondered what the best time of the year is to travel to Ireland? If you think about it, there really is no bad time to visit. However, you may want to consider traveling to the Emerald Isle in the spring. Think about it. Spring has the essence of renewal. It’s a time when nature wakes up from her long winter’s sleep. The flowers begin to bloom and buds on trees look as if they could burst open at any moment. The grass is a vibrant green and glistens with morning dew. Imagine all of this natural beauty in Ireland. Take a deep breath. Can you smell that? Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to take an Irish vacation. Read on to discover the top four reasons why.

Top 4 Reasons to Travel to Ireland in the Spring

Cool Weather

You may prefer to base your travels on a destination’s weather. For example, if you’re not a fan of hot summer temperatures, traveling to Ireland in the spring would be the best time for you because temperatures range from 46 to 54°F. However, you may want to pack sweaters since the temperatures are cooler. Keep in mind that “April showers bring May flowers.” Even though you’ll be on an escorted coach tour of Ireland, you’ll want to have an umbrella handy in case it rains. After all, you don’t want to get wet on your walking tour of Waterford or the town of Cobh, last port of call for RMS Titanic. If you’re worried that spring in Ireland will be too rainy, don’t be. The sun will shine!

Beautiful Landscape

If you want to see a landscape that looks as if it was painted by an artist, look no further than Ireland in the spring. The Emerald Isle provides a landscape rich with color. From the flowers to the trees, hues range from the greenest green to delicate pinks. Fields and forests in Ireland come to life and welcome baby animals teetering alongside their mothers and fathers. The hills and mountain ranges of Ireland wake up and are ready to welcome spring hikers. Streams rush over rocks creating their own unique music. Doesn’t this sound awe inspiring? Whether you take an independent vacation, escorted coach tour, or chauffeur drive Irish vacation, you won’t be disappointed with Ireland’s landscape.
Beat the Tourist Rush

The high travel season for Ireland is summer. From June to August, the Emerald Isle is packed with tourists. If you don’t like crowds, traveling to Ireland in the spring is a better option. Keep in mind that some attractions may be closed; however, you’ll have plenty to do and see. And consider this. Without the crowds, you may feel more like a local. Stop into a pub and chat with folks and learn about Ireland’s history or the latest news. The next day, check out the museums. You won’t have to wait in line. You also won’t bump into people as you admire paintings, sculptures, artifacts, and more.

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Spring Break Vacation

Most college students head to Florida or Mexico for their spring break vacation. But why not do something different? Like take an independent vacation to Ireland with a group of friends. Imagine how much fun you can have participating in an authentic pub crawl, listening to Irish music and eating Irish foods. Or maybe you’ll shop for Celtic inspired jewelry and t-shirts. History majors will love Ireland’s rich culture. Art majors will be awestruck by the paintings hanging in art museums along with the artwork of local artists’ featured in local galleries. Doesn’t all of this sound good? It sure does!

Who Else is Ready to Travel to Ireland in the Spring?

You may not have thought about traveling to Ireland in the spring, but it’s a great option. Picture yourself walking around Dublin without the city being overrun with other tourists. Or if you want to take the family on a spring vacation, it may be easier for you to manage the kids since the time of the year is the low travel season for Ireland. Whatever the case may be, contact your Travel Planners International agent and ask about taking an Irish vacation from CIE Tours. And keep in mind that when you vacation in the spring (low season), you can save money compared to traveling in the high season.

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