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These are the Top Reasons You Can Travel with Confidence to Europe

You may think that you can’t visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower because of the 2015 attacks on the City of Love. But this isn’t true. You can take a guided vacation to Europe and create memories that will last a lifetime. With Trafalgar, they’re with you every step of the way. Travel in small groups of like-minded people with a local travel director whose main concern is your safety and enjoyment of your vacation. Keep reading to learn the top three reasons you can have confidence in taking a trip to Europe. Many families continue to take guided European vacations – you can too!

Top 3 Reasons to Have Confidence in Taking a European Vacation

Trafalgar is with You Every Step of the Way

Authentic travel should always be uplifting. But it shouldn’t just be enriching – it should be easy, comfortable, relaxing and indulgent. A Trafalgar trip is simply the best way to vacation. Every detail is taken care of starting with a stress-free itinerary filled with incredible activities combined with the perfect balance of free time.

Every trip features an expert Travel Director who accompanies guests the entire time providing concierge-style service. Imagine being whisked past the long lines straight to the front to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or the Acropolis or Parthenon in Greece.

Check-in at four and five-star hotels? Done! Luggage handling and tips? Done! Transportation by luxury coach with WiFi and many meals are also included, making budget-planning easy with no surprises.

Trafalgar takes away the hassle that can be associated with travel. They deliver what they promise: the real deal. Perhaps that’s why they’ve won 43 major travel industry awards in the last five years.

Experience and See the Sites

Travel is more about seeing popular sites like Buckingham Palace in London, England; it’s about experiencing them and letting the destination take over every part of your mind, body and soul. With Trafalgar, not only do they take you to the iconic places of Europe, but you’re introduced to the people and culture. You connect with them and become part of their world.

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When you travel, you have a unique opportunity to take a piece of the people you visit back with you and leave an impression on them as well. It’s easier to understand other cultures and traditions when you meet them and experience life with them.

Consider Trafalgar’s Insider Experiences like Be My Guest. It’s an opportunity to meet families, such as Beatrice who owns a 17th-century farm in the Loire Valley, France. She shows how her farm has made cheese with traditional techniques for generations. Sit down to an amazing meal with local ingredients from her farm. This is an experience you can’t find in guidebooks and only available to Trafalgar guests!

People Continue to Travel to Europe

Travel is more than just seeing places, it’s experiencing them. It’s connecting with people by stepping into their real lives. It’s the laughter, the tastes, the encounters; it’s about seizing every unique experience. The best future memories are created when you’re living for the moment today.

So do people still travel to Europe? The answer is “Yes!” because they know that creating lifetime memories with their family is what matters in life. Imagine watching your children experience a new food they’ve never had in the U.S. Maybe their face lights up because it tastes yummy. Or maybe they make a “sour face” because a piece of fruit is a bit tart.

Are You Ready to Travel to Europe with Trafalgar?

Trafalgar offers 112 European vacation packages. You can see for yourself what people have to say about their recent trips by reading live reviews at They have a 97% satisfaction rating from 13,000 reviews verified by a third party across all of the destinations they visit.

Ever dream of dining at the private estate of a Count in Florence Italy overlooking olive groves and the Tuscan Hills of Italy or visiting a German castle while hearing stories of the knights who once lived there? All of this is possible with Trafalgar. Their 70 years of experiences means you’re backed by an expert operations team that can easily and quickly take care of any issues that arise as the safety of guests and staff are their top priority. Live for the moments and explore the world! Contact your Travel Planners International agent. Don’t wait to travel to Europe. Go today!

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