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Top Five Ocean Cruising Trends For 2016

Ocean Cruising has evolved in 2016 to upgrade your boarding experience and destination options. People want to travel and explore the world from luxurious cruises featuring high-tech innovations. Luckily, we have outlined everything you need to know for the year ahead!

Hottest Destinations For 2016

With the 50-year embargo lifted, many are cruising to the new destination of Cuba, where travelers can wander about Old Havana, listening to cultured music, and eating at authentic Paladares. We highly recommended eating at La Guarida, which sits atop a decadent, decaying building for unforgettable dining.

Travel With A Purposes – Make An Impact

Travelling with a purpose helps transform lives! Cruise to beautiful locations like the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Galapagos Islands and Alaska to volunteer in helping areas such as agriculture, rainforest restoration, oceanic cleanup and teaching.

Cruises Embrace Innovative Technologies

Cruise lines have already started rolling out massive technology upgrades. Never will you have to be without free Wi-Fi again! And for all you gamers, imagine an entire room dedicated to Xbox gaming. If you’re all about the thrilling nightlife scene, your drink will be forever filled thanks to tireless robot bartenders tending to your every need.

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Enhanced Adventures With Shore Excursions

If sitting on a ship isn’t your thing, take advantage of on-site excursions while docked. Shore excursions are top notch with Celebrity Cruises. Discover the glory of the Incan empire in Peru while trekking the Andes Mountains on a 3-day guided tour to witness Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Multi generational Cruises Create Family Fun

Multi generational cruises have activities for all ages from toddler to adult. Adults can relax on sundecks while children ride the carousel, all while grandma is gambling in the in-door casino. All on-board entertainment is family-friendly, and teenagers can enjoy various clubs after hours. Remember there’s also food options to satisfy anyone’s palette.

Cruises have grown to meet the needs of all. No matter which trip you take, make sure it’s nothing less than a remarkable ocean cruising experience! Connect with a travel agent today!

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