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Unique Things to Do in Singapore: Get Drinks in a Password-Only Bar

Most countries have bizarre things to do and see, and Singapore is no exception. For example, you may want to check out Flight Experience™. You can experience taking off and flying in the open air. Awesome! Keep reading to learn more about the unique things to do in Singapore.

Get Drinks at a Password-Only Bar

During Prohibition in the U.S., it wasn’t uncommon for a speakeasy to require a password. It’s no different with The Library – a password-only bar, located in a former red light district on Keong Saik Road. The password changes every week, but you can get it from the neighboring British-style bistro, The Study. You may even try Facebook and Twitter. You won’t be disappointed by the creative concoctions that are served.

Get to Know the Supernatural

Singapore is known for the supernatural – ghosts, haunted places, and underworld beings, from pontianaks (Malay vampires) to Shui gui (Chinese water demons). For example, Sembawang was home to the Nee Soon Rubber Estate and legend has it that banshees lived in the rubber trees. The plantation was cleared for flats and industrial buildings. However, Sembawang residents have claimed pontianak sightings and a kind, ghostly woman who appears at night. Eerie!

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Get a Ticket to Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa was once marketed as a theme park, but it’s not filled with rides. You’ll find gaudily painted statues and the Ten Courts of Hell (the Chinese idea of hell). If you want a unique thing to do in Singapore, visit Haw Par Villa for an unusual journey into Chinese folklore and mythology.

Experience Weird Things to Do and Places to See in Singapore

Get off the beaten track, and you’ll find unique things to do and see in Singapore. Imagine sitting on your veranda and watching Quantula striata, the blinking snail. They’re usual after it rains and can be found on lawns and in gardens and landfills. The faster they move the faster they blink on and off. Cool!

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