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Unusual Things to Do in Puerto Rico: Hang Out in a Cemetery (And More)

Have you been thinking about taking a beach vacation? Consider traveling to the Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States. Don’t worry about speaking Spanish (you’ll hear lots of it) because locals speak English. When you arrive, you’ll discover that Puerto Rico has a pleasant climate. But most importantly, the island offers you funky and unusual experiences. Read on to learn the unusual things to do in Puerto Rico.

Look at People’s Front Lawns

When traveling throughout Puerto Rico, make sure you slow down and look at the front lawns of homes. Why? Because Puerto Ricans dress up their yards – they take landscaping seriously. You may see a yard with 15 or more gnomes. Or maybe you’ll see mannequins decorating the front lawn. You may even get ideas for your yard.

Hang Out in a Cemetery

San Juan Cemetery, the most famous in Old San Juan, is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean next to El Morro Fort. When you visit, you’ll see elaborate above ground tombs and a circular red-domed chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalen. Renowned Puerto Ricans buried in San Juan Cemetery are Pedro Salinas, Jose Ferrer and Salvador Brau.

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Connect with Extraterrestrials at Arecibo Radio Observatory

Visit Arecibo Radio Observatory and you may come in contact with beings from billions of light-years away! Picture a reflecting dish 1,000 feet (305 meter) in diameter, and a 900-ton receiver suspended 450 feet above it detecting radio signals from space. Arecibo Radio is the most profound in the world! Check out the visitor center and museum and take the VIP tour – it’s worth it.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Unusual Things to Do in Puerto Rico?

Whether you cruise (I recommend Royal Caribbean – they have fun excursions that will keep you entertained.) Puerto Rico or take a family vacation to the island, make sure you get off the beaten path. You’ll have plenty of things to do and will many stories to share with family and friends.

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