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Want to Feel like a Celebrity? Take a Luxury Chauffeur-Drive Vacation

Are you looking for a unique travel experience? That’s exactly what you’ll get with a chauffeur-drive customized program from CIE Tours. Imagine your family, friends, or small group traveling in style throughout Ireland and Britain. You can choose from a sedan for 2 people, multi-person vehicle (MPV) for 4 people and a minibus or small coach for groups of 8 or more. You and your travel party will feel like celebrities as your professional driver/guide drives you from place to place. If you’re celebrating a special event such as a graduation, anniversary, or wedding, a chauffeur-drive travel program is a perfect way to mark the occasion. Not only will your driver get you to where you want to go, but he’ll reveal the best places to shop, eat, or find entertainment. Sound good? We think so. Read on to discover the four reasons to indulge in a luxury chauffeur-drive program to Ireland and Britain. Warning! You may not want to travel any other way.

4 Reasons to Indulge in a Luxury Chauffeur-Drive Vacation to Ireland and Britain

Leave the Driving to Someone Else

Instead of trying to navigate your way through a foreign country, leave the driving to a professional driver/guide. There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing where you’re going. And keep in mind that drivers in Ireland and Britain drive on the left side of the road and pass on the right – the complete opposite of the U.S. With your own driver/guide, you can sit back and relax and take in the scenery. And let’s face it. If you drove yourself, you may miss some important landmarks or get lost. It’s better to leave the driving to an experienced driver who’s familiar with Ireland and Britain. This way you can enjoy your vacation.

Get Your Own Guide

Having your own guide adds to your travel experience in Ireland and Britain. Plus, it’s the key to your vacation. Why? Because he or she is fully experienced and knows the popular attractions and perhaps some that are off the beaten path. Your guide can recommend top restaurants and can point you in the direction of the best shops, so you can buy souvenirs for loved ones. Also, your driver/guide can accompany you on specific sightseeing excursions. Keep in mind that you’ll have pay for his or her admission ticket.

Focus on Having an Incredible Irish Vacation

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When you take a family vacation, you probably look forward to spending quality time with loved ones. But if you were to drive in Ireland, it may stress you out and put a damper on your vacation. Taking a luxury, chauffeur drive Irish vacation takes the pressure off of you to coordinate your family. You don’t have to worry about driving from site to site or town to town because your driver/guide drives you. Plus, you may not be comfortable driving in another country where the laws are different. Instead of panicking that you may have violated a traffic law, you can focus on having a wonderful time in Ireland.

Customized Vacation for a Unique Travel Experience

Independent travel gives you the luxury to customize your vacation. But keep in mind that when you travel with a group, it’s important to include activities that everyone will enjoy. With a luxury chauffeur-drive program, you can fill your itinerary with you and your group’s preferences. Since you get to choose your hotels, you can consider your group’s interests and stay close to main attractions. For example, if you travel to and stay in Dublin, you’ll be close to the pubs, shops, and museums. No matter if you want to trace your family tree or stay in elegant castles, you’ll get the travel experience you’ve always wanted through a customized vacation.

Want a Unique Travel Experience? Book a Luxury Chauffeur-Drive Vacation Now

Picture you and your family or small group being driven around Ireland and Britain by an experienced driver/guide. Since he or she is familiar with the area and places of interest, you may see sites that you didn’t even know existed. His or her informal commentary adds to the unique experience. And you may find yourself becoming fast friends.

Are you ready to travel in style and have a different experience? Contact CIE Tours today to discuss booking your luxury travel chauffeur-drive program. It’s the perfect vacation for everyone, from couples to wedding parties. You can forget about driving and focus on having the time of your life. Sound good? We think so!

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