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What Unique Things Can You Do in the Bahamas? We’ll Show You

The postcard perfect beaches of the Bahamas make it a popular vacation destination for millions of travelers, including Americans and those aboard cruise ships. But there’s more to the Bahamas than kicking back and relaxing on a beach. You can go off the beaten path and participate in activities that are unique to the Bahamas. Doesn’t that sound like more fun? You can immerse yourself in the culture of the Bahamas and all that the islands have to offer.

Read on to discover the top unique things you can do in the Bahamas. After you’ve finished reading, you’ll want to contact your travel agent and book your vacation today.

These are the Top Unique Things You Can Do in the Bahamas

Explore the Islands like a Character from a Mark Twain Novel

For those who want an adventure vacation, the Bahamas delivers experiences like none other. For example, you can take an eco-tour and explore the biodiversity of the Bahamas. You can learn more about the culture by traveling to caves where the Arawak Indians lived before Columbus.

Visit the wetlands and forest and you’ll see where rare animals, birds, plant life, and exotic orchids live. Sail the deep waters and you’ll see Spotted Dolphin, Loggerhead, Green Sea Turtles, and Caribbean Stingrays.

There’s more to a Bahamas vacation than sitting on a beach and watching the surf. Get in touch with your sense of adventure and explore the islands on your own or with a guide. You may discover things that you didn’t know about the islands.

Island Hop to Harbour Island

Whether you take a family vacation or honeymoon vacation, you’ll want to visit Harbor Island. It’s tiny, so tiny that people drive around in golf carts. But the biggest draw is the three and half mile stretch of pink sandy beaches. Harbour Island is often rated as having one of the best beaches in the world. You can swim and snorkel in the outlying reefs, boat, dive, or fish the warm ocean waters.

Spend Time in Historic Gardens

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When you take a honeymoon vacation to the Bahamas, you may want to explore the many gardens of the Bahamas. You may want to start with Versailles Garden, a lush multi-terraced landscape – it extends about a quarter of a mile from the Ocean Club to southern edge of the island overlooking the waters of Nassau Harbor. You’ll find a stone path that’s covered in Bermuda grass and hand-laid rock ridges from east to west of the path.

The Nassau Botanical Gardens was opened on July 10, 1972, the day the Bahamas gained their independence. A tranquil retreat for nature lovers, the gardens feature 18 acres of tropical flora with
over 600 species, including the Yellow Elder, the Bahamas national flower. It’s hard to believe the area was once a rock quarry.

Swim with the Pigs

The Bahamas is the official place where you can swim with the pigs. Many visitors to the islands have embraced the unique experience of swimming with the pigs on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, which is home to these adorable animals – it’s known as Pig Beach.

It’s not known how the pigs came to Big Major Cay as they’re not native and the island is uninhabited. One story is that the pigs were dropped off by sailors who wanted to come back and cook them. Another is that there was a shipwreck and they pigs swam to safety. Whatever the story is, there are approximately 20 pigs and piglets on the island that can’t wait to see and swim with you.

Are You Ready to Take Your Family on a Unique Vacation to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is made up of 700 breathtaking islands – some isolated and occupied by flora and wildlife, some moving fast paced like any cosmopolitan city in the world. And since it’s only 50 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is a great family vacation, especially for U.S. families who want to get away without traveling far from home.

Not only does the Bahamas offer you an abundance of land and sea activities, but it offers you a range of historical sites and cultural experiences. Imagine hearing the unique sounds of the islands and seeing the smiling faces of the Bahamian people. Their warm, friendly hospitality greets you and makes you feel at home.

You can have your own unique Bahamas vacation! Email or call your Travel Planners International agent today and start planning your vacation to paradise.

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