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Who’s Ready to Explore the Unusual Side of the Cayman Islands?

If you’ve visited the Cayman Islands, you’ve most likely have seen and done it all, from going to the beach to feasting on delicious cuisine. But there’s another way to look at visiting the island country, and that’s from the unusual perspective. So, here are offbeat things to do and see in the Cayman Islands. If you don’t experience them, you may be sorry that you’ve missed your chance.

See the Shoe Tree and Leave a Pair of Shoes

Hurricane Ivan couldn’t take down the Shoe Tree that’s located on the East side of the Cayman Islands. You’ll find it on the main road West of Bodden Town. Many people have upheld the writing their names and dates on shoes, flip flops, sandals, and swim fins and tacking them to the tree. When you visit the Cayman Islands, bring an extra pair of shoes and leave your mark on the island. Or, you could buy a pair.

Hang Out on Cemetery Beach

Most travelers don’t know that Cemetery Beach is a short swim out. You’ll see schools of eels, Parrot Fish, rays, sea turtles, Tangs, and the occasional Nurse Shark. The walk to get to Cemetery Beach is interesting because you’ll pass one of the most historical cemeteries on the island.

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Go to Hell

Relax… I’m talking about visiting the town of Hell in West Bay, which gets its name thanks to the limestone formations that stick up in the swampy field. You can’t walk on them, so head to the viewing platform. When you’re finished, go to one of the tourist shops and send family and friends a postcard
from Hell.

Cayman Islands: Experience Unusual Things to Do and See

Are you ready to explore the unusual side of the Cayman Islands? If not, don’t worry about it. You can have a great balance by traveling with Celebrity Cruises. Not only do they offer you fun onboard activities, but you can go ashore and have adventures.

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