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You Probably Didn’t Know about These Must-Eat Foods in Grenada

When I travel, I like to sample the foods of my destination. Hey! Eating nuts and acorns gets old after a while. One of favorite ‘gastronomic’ places is Grenada. Can you smell the citrus, cloves and ginger in the air? Ah! Read on to learn about the must-eat foods in Grenada. Happy eating!

BBQ Chicken

You haven’t eaten BBQ chicken until you’ve visited Grenada. Every Friday and sometimes during the week, about 100 or so grill masters put up their stands roadside. It will be hard for you and your stomach to resist the sweet and spicy aromas floating through the air. Each cook has their own special sauce and flavor. Please eat responsibly!


I’m not talking about a game of tennis or the cocktail! Doubles is a breakfast food from Trinidad that’s eaten in Grenada, too. It’s a chickpea curry wrapped in Bara (fried bread made from flour, baking powder, salt and turmeric). If this wasn’t enough, doubles comes with a sauce such as mango, chadon beni (similar to cilantro) and spicy pepper.

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Oil Down

Oil down (one-pot meal) is the national dish of Grenada, and the best are made in family homes. If you’re lucky to be invited to dinner, accept the offer. Oil down ingredients include Lambi (conch), chicken, crabs, pigtail, dumplings, fruits, vegetables, coconut, and spices. Once everything is ready, it’s layered into a pot on an open fire and cooks for about 30 minutes. Oil down is a tasty dish!

Is This the Year You Experience Grenada?

Taking a vacation to Grenada may be one of the best you’ve ever had in your life. The food is delicious and will excite your taste buds. If you’d like to stay at a resort and spa, I recommend Sandals La Source Grenada. You’ll love Pink Gin Beach, the suites, and private plunge pools. It’s an exotic island paradise!

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