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You Probably Didn’t Know about These Unusual Beach Vacation Ideas

The number of visitors to beach and sun destinations around the world seems to increase every year. You know what this means, crowds. Meh! Don’t get me wrong. I like bumping into and meeting new people. But I also enjoy going someplace different where I can go off the beaten path. How about you?  Read on to discover unusual beach vacation ideas.


Located in the Caribbean with bright-white sand and radiant aquamarine waters, Anguilla is a flat desert island that offers you a low-key vacation compared to busy St. Martin. In fact, you won’t find Jet Skis on the island because locals don’t want to risk any noise pollution. And here’s a word of caution for those of you who love cruises – you won’t find a nonstop flight from the U.S. to Anguilla, and no port for cruise ships.

Hainan Island

Located off China’s southern coast, Hainan Island (known as “China’s Hawaii”) is popular with Chinese and Russian tourists. But the tropical island is mostly unknown to other travelers. Visit Hainan Island and you’ll find a volcano park, gorgeous beaches, monkeys, a Shaolin Buddhist temple, and more.

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North Stradbroke Island

Straddie (as locals call it) is located less than 20 miles from Brisbane and a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the city. You can indulge in a variety of activities such as fishing, hiking, surfing, and swimming. Keep an eye out for koalas (they are cute) and whale watch at Point Lookout.

Live on Island Time with Unusual Beach and Sun Vacation Ideas

Imagine traveling to a part of the world that really hasn’t been explored; you arrive somewhere off the beaten path. But don’t forget to balance this with your other travel interests, like cruise vacations. I enjoy sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line because they visit places such as Australia, China, India, and New Zealand. Is this the life or what?

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