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Sandals Resorts: Couples Romance Ideas in 14 Easy Steps

Do you have romantic love in your life? If so, then consider yourself lucky. Why? Because your friends may still be searching for soulmates who can add more joy and happiness to their life – they may be jealous of your relationship.

If you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you may have noticed that you’ve started taking each other for granted. You may even believe that showing too much affection is trite and a bit smothering.

But if you’ve been thinking about doing something to express your love for the special person, go ahead and do it!

Whether you want to write a poem, paint a picture, or whisk your partner away to a Sandals all-inclusive resort for romance and relaxation, you’ll want to keep your love alive throughout the year.

Keep reading to learn couples romance ideas that you can use throughout the year. Don’t allow anything to extinguish the flames of love. Nurture them today!

14 Couples Romance Ideas

You can avoid becoming complacent in your relationship with these creative romance ideas that will keep your love going strong. Not only will your partner appreciate these actions, but it can improve your communication and strengthen your bond.

Buy a Watch

Does your beloved wear jewelry? Buy a watch and have it engraved with, “Time stands still when I’m with you.”

Cook a Romantic Dinner

You may have to take cooking classes to pull this one off, but it will be worth it when you make your partner’s favorite meal. Pair it with a great wine or non-alcoholic beverage.

Design a Memory Book

Look through your photos, choose the best ones, and design a memory book. Include vacations, birthday parties, your wedding and honeymoon (if you’re married), and more.

Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

If you’re not into cooking, take your special someone to dinner at a romantic restaurant. You could make a night of it by taking a stroll in the moonlight.

Enroll in Dance Classes

Maybe your partner wants to learn how to cha-cha, rumba, or waltz. You may not be interested in learning how to perform these dances, but your partner will be thrilled that you’re willing to try.

Film a 30-Day Series of “I Love You” Videos

Show your special someone how much you love them by recording a 30-day series of “I Love You” videos. You can make the videos as short or long as you want. Your partner will love your messages!

Get a Couples Massage

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Nothing says romance like a couples massage. If you stay at a Sandals Resort, you can schedule one at the Red Lane® Spa.

Make a Gift Basket

Does your partner love chocolate? How about wine? What about jewelry? Create your own gift basket with all of the goodies your partner loves, including a framed picture of you.

Purchase Lottery Tickets

Sometimes, it’s fun to buy lottery tickets. Buy a variety of them for your sweetie, along with a card, and write inside, “I hit it big when I met you!” And who knows? Your partner may share their winnings.

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember your first date? If you do, go ahead and create it. You and your partner can stroll down memory lane and remember all of the highlights.

Say “I Love You” in Different Languages

There’s nothing sexier saying “I Love You” in different languages. Learn to speak the words in French, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and other languages. Your partner will love it!

Send Text Messages

Want to really surprise the one you love? Create and send text messages every day. Don’t forget to use emojis!

Take Romantic Vacations

Sandals all-inclusive resorts were made for romance. Choose from destinations such as Antigua, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica, and St. Lucia. Each one has a variety of accommodations, activities, dining options, and more. You’ll have a great time that you won’t want to leave.

Watch Romantic Movies

Make a list of your partner’s favorite romantic movies and spend the weekend chilling out on the couch, eating popcorn, and enjoying each other’s company.

Couples Getaway to Sandals All-Inclusive Resorts to Keep the Romance Alive

Sometimes, couples love may seem complicated.

You may want to show your partner how much you love them, but you don’t know how. The key is to keep it simple. In fact, you can refer back to couples romance ideas post. Heck, you may even want to bookmark it!

If you’re ready to take-off with your partner, connect with a Travel Planners International agent today and surprise that special someone in your life with a romantic vacation at a Sandals Resort.

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