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Cruising with Kids? Don’t Forget to Pack These Items!

Cruising with Kids? Don’t Forget to Pack These Items!

Seeing (and exploring) the world through your child’s eyes is unparalleled especially when you’re traveling by cruise. It’s fun and easy! But keep boredom and tantrums at bay with a proper packing list filled with essential items. We’ve partnered with Norwegian Cruise Lines to share our go-to items whenever we travel with children. Pack these for a smooth sailing trip.


1. A Piece of Home

Exploring the world is fun when your days are packed. But it’s easy for homesickness to creep in around bedtime. A little piece of home will do just the trick! Make sure to bring your child’s favorite stuffed toy or blanket to put them at ease.


2. iPad or Tablet

This one may sound counterintuitive but trust us, you’ll need it. While yes, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of activities and hosts amazing youth programs (more on that later), boredom always finds a way in. Bring along an iPad or other tablets for the moments your kid needs to be mindlessly entertained. If you decide against buying a Wi-FI package, make sure to preload the tablet with their favorite games or movies. Also, don’t forget the water resistant case too.


3. Power Strip

If you’re packing a tablet, make sure to bring a charger and a power strip as well. With so many electronics needed for the whole family, a power strip is crucial. Even if you don’t think you’re bringing a lot of electronics (don’t forget about steamers or curling irons), ship cabins don’t always have a lot of places to plug in your devices. 


4. Lightweight Stroller

When vacationing with little ones, a stroller is a necessity like clothes or deodorant. However, leave all the bells and whistles at home. Opt for a more compact, lightweight stroller when going on a cruise. They take up less space and are easier to maneuver on a cruise ship. 

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5. Mini Pharmacy and First Aid Kit

The quickest way to ruin a vacation is a child getting sick or hurt. While there’s no guranteeing it won’t happen, being prepared is the next best thing! Cruise ships carry common medications, bandaids and basic baby needs in their onboard shops or infirmary. But they don’t always carry the brands you love, and the prices are higher than at your local pharmacy. Be sure to also include harder to find items, such as a nasal aspirator, thermometer, and baby medications.


6. Walkie Talkies 

Kids love to run around and run off. Know where your kids are at all time with walkie talkies. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to keep tabs on your children at all times. Since they’re not reliant on Wi-Fi, you can use them on and off the ship. Plus, you can incorporate them in games or treasure hunts!


Splash Academy

You’ve packed a solid list but once you’re onboard, Norwegian Cruise Line will take it from there. To make sure your kids are having the most fun possible, NCL offers age-specific youth programs that promise a variety of exciting activities. Best part is that it’s all complimentary. So while they’re having the time of their lives, you can too. Now, order that second drink or indulge on that spa service. You deserve it too.

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