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Earn Rewards for a Great Vacation with Carnival!

Cruising is fun! It’s all you can eat, drink, and fun while you sail to spectacular destinations like the Caribbean, Alaska, or Mexican Riviera. A perfect getaway worth repeating over and over. Luckily, when you sail with Carnival Cruise Lines, you get rewarded for the great vacation you’re guaranteed to have, plus for every time you come back! It’s all through Carnival’s VIFP Club (Very Important Fun Person), their signature guest recognition program.

As a past guest, Carnival’s VIFP Club recognizes you for your loyalty to them. Plus, the more often you sail (you get a point for every day you’re onboard), the better the perks. Think exclusive offers, complimentary drinks, and even priority check-in and dining time seating. There’s actually so much more to the VIFP Club than you think!

Keep reading below to find out all five levels and what benefits you’ll be earning!


Blue Level VIFP

All cruises rookies start at Blue Level. So, whether it’s your first day aboard or your cruise is coming up, you’re a Blue Level. Not much to this group (remember, you’re in this for the long haul) but you do get:

  • Blue VIFP Club Sail & Sign Card
  • Access to members-only specials, offers, promos or discounts.
  • Member e-Newsletter.

These are standard perks all level access to. Remember, the more you cruise, the more you’re rewarded. Which brings us to our next level.


Red Level VIFP

If you’ve been on, at least, one Carnival cruise in your life, this is where you’re at. Red Level VIFP is for guests with 2 – 24 points. In addition to the benefits you get from Blue Level, you’re also entitled to a complimentary 1-liter water bottle, delivered to your stateroom. A nice, hydrating perk after a long day.


Gold Level VIFP

For guests with 25 – 74 points, Gold Level is where you sit. On top of the Red and Blue Level benefits, you get a Gold Year pin presented on every cruise (how cool!?) and one complimentary drink on a 5+ day cruise. So, enjoy that extra latte or a refreshing beer at Redfrog Pub – Carnival’s got the tab.

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Platinum Level VIFP

If you have 75 – 199 points, this is where the party gets started. You’ll eligible for Blue, Red, and Gold Level benefits plus:

  • Priority Check-in, boarding, and debarkation
  • Exclusive invite to the VIFP party where you get a complimentary drink and appetizer
  • Priority Spa reservations
  • Complimentary wash/fold service
  • Priority dining time seating and reservations at Specialty restaurants

And that’s not even all of it. Click here for the full list of Platinum Level perks.


Diamond Level VIFP

The highest level you can get to is Diamond Level. This is for guests with 200+ points. Frankly, we think if you’ve gone this many time, Carnival should name a ship after you! (We asked. They won’t). But, here’s a list of perks you can get (on top of the Blue, Red, Gold and Platinum perks):

  • A special one-time gift when Member reaches Diamond Level
  • Complimentary dinner for two (2) at select Specialty Restaurant granted after Member reaches Diamond Level
  • A one-time charitable contribution to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital™ upon Member reaching Diamond Level
  • ‘A Special Invitation from the Captain’ Benefit limited to Diamond Member and one guest

But wait, it gets better! As a Diamond Level member, you get the choice of a one-time complimentary category-type upgrade or bring your 3rd, 4th or 5th guest free. Isn’t that awesome?! Just like the Platinum Level, there are even more benefits. Click here for the full list!


So, what are you waiting for!? Contact your travel advisor today to get you on your next Carnival cruise. The sooner you do, the faster you can rack those Carnival VIFP points and take advantage of these sweet benefits. At Carnival, it’s fun to be rewarded.  

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