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Why Does Picking a Niche as a Travel Agent Matter ?

Congrats! You’re officially a travel agent! Welcome aboard this crazy but incredibly rewarding ride. Now you’re probably thinking, “Where do I start?”. We know. It can seem a little daunting but know that you’re not alone. We’re here to help and get you on the right path!

The very first thing you want to think about is what you’re passionate about when it comes to travel. Is there any destination you’re crazy about or want to learn more about? Some are nuts about Disney World while others would prefer a lavish European river cruise. Here are some other things to consider:

Think about your social circle. Who are your friends? Who do you enjoy working with? Is it your church group? A member of the local LGBT community? Do they enjoy luxurious things? Answering this will help you narrow down to your potential market.

Think about what type of travel you want to sell. Do you like the excitement that comes with cruising? Or do you prefer to stay ashore, chilling by the pool with a margarita in your hand, at an All-Inclusive resort? Try narrowing down your choice to one.

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The world is a huge place! Where do you want to send your clients? Think of the destinations you would be excited to learn more about and sell them!

Answered all three? Perfect! Now you’ve found yourself a niche. This is the time to figure out who/what are your best resources and learn as much as you possibly can. Remember, knowledge is power. Your clients will appreciate someone who can tell them which restaurants are a “must” or what the shortest route to the beach from their hotel is. They will trust and value you if you are a true specialist in your niche. Think about it, you wouldn’t let a dentist operate on your heart, right?

So, good luck out there! And remember, you’re not alone. The Agent Engagement Team at TPI is always a phone call or email away.

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