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Amazing Destinations for a Nature Lovers Vacation

Costa RicaIf you’re an independent travel agent with a connection to a host agency, you probably deal with a range of clients on a regular basis.

Some of your clients might want to plan a romantic cruise for their honeymoon, a family vacation to the beaches of Florida or maybe even a getaway to sight-see in Paris or London.

However, there are some adventurous travelers who have already seen the world’s major cities and white sand beaches and are ready for something a little more unusual.

The following are just some of the top vacations for nature lovers offered by the Globus Family of Brands.

Costa Rica

In a nutshell, Costa Rica is a dream for nature lovers. A combination of secluded beaches and vibrant rainforest means that there is no end to the amazing opportunities to get away from it all while in Central America.

On the coast next to the Caribbean Sea, travelers can spot sea turtles in their natural habitats or go whitewater rafting.

Over to the Northern Plains, you’ll spot Arenal, a stunning volcano that rises above the horizon and makes an amazing backdrop for hikes through the mountains.

Further south, near the Pacific Coast, Costa Rica offers some of the world’s most remote and beautiful beaches imaginable.

The right vacation from Globus will combine these Costa Rican hotspots and fill up your itinerary.

Peru’s Incan Empire

Prior to Christopher Columbus and European settlement in the 15th century, Peru was the capital and hub of the Incan Empire.

Today, the country is the ultimate place for travelers who want adventure, scenery, thrills and a bit of history.

Starting in the modern capital of Lima, you’ll want to head straight to Macchu Picchu, which is one of the most famous ruins on the planet.

Macchu Picchu is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site as well as a fantastic site for hiking.

You can spend the day circling the ruins on foot, but you can also plan a full four-day hiking adventure along the Inca Trail.

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Other top additions to a Peruvian vacation might include a trip to Lake Titicaca, the ruins in Chan Chan or the beaches of Mancora.

Glamping in Kenya

KenyaFor those travelers who want a vacation that is truly off the beaten path, travel agents might want to suggest a trip to Kenya.

Rather than the typical safari, you can make it an authentic cultural experience.

Of course, visitors can still enjoy creature comforts by glamping, or glamor camping, in luxury tents.

Spot the Big 5 wild African animals while on safaris to Kenyan nature reserves, and then indulge in upscale cuisine at a resort each evening.

Kenya can be a truly spectacular trip for clients who feel like there is nothing new left for them to explore.

History in Hawaii

HawaiiMany frequent travelers have already enjoyed the busy beaches of Waikiki in Oahu, but that’s not all Hawaii offers.

Instead, suggest a trip to the Big Island, which is home to Kona coffee plantations, the original landing site of Captain James Cook and a breathtaking active volcano.

Travelers can see snow, snorkel at a secluded beach and pick macadamia nuts all in a single day on the Big Island.

Working with a host agency means that travel agents can learn more about companies like Globus and their vacations. This allows you to put together the perfect itinerary for a nature lover ready for something new.



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