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Kiss Holiday Stress Goodbye with a Romantic Vacation

Do the holidays actually get you down?

If you’re like most people, you may not look forward to the end of the year. Why? Because the pressure of finding the perfect gifts and cooking dinner for 20 or more people adds pressure to your life – celebrating the holidays at home may not be the best choice for you.

Instead of letting family holiday stress take over your life, why not take a romantic vacation? You and your family can vacation in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and other warm places around the world. Imagine spending Christmas on a white sandy beach. Your toes are in the sand, and you have a drink in your hand.

How does that sound?

Read on to find out how you can avoid the stress of the holiday season by taking a romantic vacation without guilt.

Not Guilty! How to Avoid Family Holiday Stress with a Romantic Vacation

You may want to start a new tradition – getting away for the holidays. Here’s how you can have a romantic vacation without feeling guilty.

Celebrate the Holidays Early

Let’s face it; your kids may not want to take a family vacation. So, why not celebrate the holidays earlier than expected? While it seems unconventional, it gives you the chance to take a romantic vacation for two. Your kids can spend time with their grandparents and/or aunts and uncles (may have children close in age to yours). You may think that your kids want to go on vacation with you, but they may not want to stay home, especially if they’re older. Go ahead and take that romantic getaway!

Choose a Warm Travel Destination

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Did you know that Beaches All-Inclusive Resorts is family friendly? They have something for everyone! For example, while you and your spouse or partner get a massage at the Red Lane ® Spa, your kids can spend time at Beaches Kids Camp. They offer a variety of programs for infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teens. Beaches also offers you gourmet dining at specialty restaurants. It really is Paradise on Earth!

Wendy Dall, owner of That Travel Lady, says, “Family holidays are usually filled with high expectations, stress and disappointment. Why? Because instead of taking some time to appreciate your significant other most people spend the time trying to create the perfect Norman Rockwell painting. Result? Mass disappointment that it does not live up to your fantasy. This is why my family has decided to avoid family holiday stress and go on a relaxing sun filled vacation. It is romantic when you can look at your loved ones and share the excitement of having someone else cook, clean and pamper you. It is romantic when your family members are busy at a resort or participating in a cruise ship activity and the two of you can steal some time alone together. By reconnecting to each other, you will find you have more for those around you and can truly be in the moment instead of planning for the next meal or keeping the peace!”

Take a Cold Holiday Vacation

If your holiday season isn’t complete without the snow and cold, consider a “cold” romantic vacation. You and your family could travel to Brussels, Belgium and have fun at the Plaisirs d’Hiver (Winter Wonders) festival. Or maybe you’d like to spend time in New York City. If your kids are older, consider allowing them to stay by themselves while you enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Hotels usually offer babysitting or nanny services for younger kids. Ask your Travel Planners International agent about this.

Is This the Year You Spend the Holidays on a Beach?

Where is it written that you have to stay home for the holidays? You and your spouse or partner can take a romantic vacation without guilt. Or, you can take the family with you and schedule alone time. Think about the stories and pictures you can share with friends and extended family.

So, what experience would you like to have? Perhaps you want to spend time in the Caribbean. Or maybe you’d like to take a river or ocean cruise. Don’t feel guilty! It’s good to shake things up now and again.

Contact your Travel Planners International agent today and plan a romantic holiday vacation. Imagine spending Christmas at a beach resort. No stress. No headaches. No worrying about the holiday dinner. Sound good? You bet it does!

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