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Find Out How You Can Enjoy the Vacations of Your Dreams

TropicalParadiseIf “staycations” have become too large a part of your life and you’re beginning to give up on your travel dreams, maybe it’s time to think outside the ticket envelope. Instead of always being the person buying the tickets, what if you became the travel industry expert selling the tickets? You would know about the best deals on the best properties, and you could put yourself first in line.

Whether you prefer cruises, planned tours, or just a fabulous week of rest and relaxation at a 5-star resort, you could book it. Some people might protest: “I don’t know enough to make a career in travel. All I know is I’ve always dreamed I would go to Australia.”

You Can Become a Successful Independent Travel Agent

Here’s the reality: Travel industry experts have two primary things you don’t have:

  • Jobs that allow them to plan other people’s dream vacations
  • The opportunity to have the inside info to plan and enjoy their own dream vacations, year after year

Your present job may be essential to fill your wallet, but nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams in the off-hours. Starting an independent travel company gives you the freedom to begin your business as large or as small as you want then grow it over time until it supports all of your travel hopes and expectations.

My Friend is a Travel Agent and Does ‘Staycations’ Too


This protest reflects travel industry experts whose jobs just don’t provide what they deserve.

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If you know people stuck at agencies that do not give them opportunities to support the lives they want to live, then it may be time for them to consider stepping out.

Independent travel agents can build lucrative careers from any location whether it be a home office or commercial property. The key to success is to partner with a dependable host agency that specializes in building this kind of virtual team.

Select a Dependable Host Agency

The right travel host agency provides assistance to aid in the growth of your travel business:

  • Strong Web presence
  • Marketing materials
  • Training at affordable prices
  • Relationships with key travel vendors

Travel Planners International supports independent agents across North America with administrative and marketing tools for successful travel businesses. Through such a partnership, experienced and new travel agents can offer their clients the kinds of trips they want, from tour packages to 5-star hotels worldwide, to Caribbean resorts and cruises as well as related air, car and other travel.

Independent travel industry experts are building the lives they want, including the vacations of their dreams. Is it your time?


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