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Discover a Kid-Friendly Caribbean Adventure with Beaches Resorts and Sesame Street

Beaches Resorts wants to create the perfect kid-friendly Caribbean adventure for you and your family this summer. Thanks to their exclusive partnership with Sesame Street, Beaches Resorts is the only Caribbean resort where your kids can play with the “the lovable, colorful, and friendly cast of characters.”

From character parades, rock n’ roll dance parties with Elmo, and puppet making with Bert and Ernie, Caribbean Adventure’s with Sesame Street is the epitome of excitement! Keep reading below for some of the highlights of this kid-friendly Caribbean getaway!


An Unforgettable Start to Your Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when you and the family have a full schedule. Chow down on a scrumptious buffet breakfast while Elmo and his friends get the party started! For 45 minutes, all the Sesame Street characters* greet and playfully interact with your kids. Children will also receive a finger puppet, coloring mat, and even a sippy cup! The perfect way to get revved up for an adventure on the island!

*All characters participate except Julia. This is a Sesame Street VIP Package. Click here for more details.


Treasures Left to Discover

The Caribbean is filled with hidden treasures – literally. With the help of some clues, your kids are on the hunt for Abby Cadabby’s magical treasure chest. After a successful treasure hunt, everyone gets to make their own treasure chest! Arrg – that’s a mighty adventure!

But, that’s not all the treasure on the resort. Kids can transform everyday objects into treasure in Oscar the Grouch’s Trashland. With a little imagination and creativity, your child can reuse and repurpose Oscar’s scraps (cardboard, plastic, paper, etc.) into fun toys! One Sesame Street character’s trash is someone else’s treasure!


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Learning is An Adventure

Beaches is making learning just as fun as splashing around in a waterpark! Parents can sign their kids up for activities like:

  • Discovering with Big Bird: kids will learn about exploration and go on nature walks with everyone’s favorite furry bird, Big Bird.
  • Soccer Time with Rosita: starting this Fall, kids will learn how to play fútbol (soccer) and pick up some Spanish too!
  • Super Science Fair with Super Grover: Super Grover takes your kid on an age-appropriate scientific journey.


Make Bedtime Fun Too

Bedtime gets a bad rep but not at Beaches Resorts. Now, you can invite a Sesame Street friend to help your little ones go to sleep at night. Together, your kids and their favorite Sesame Street character will do some relaxing stretches, read a bedtime story, and perform a sweet lullaby before tucking your child in. All in 15 minutes! Plus, as a keepsake, your child will get a Sesame Street plush toy. But parents get a beautiful color photograph of your kid with their new friend.

Right now, you can choose from the following characters: Elmo, Zoe, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert & Ernie, and The Count. But starting this Fall, Rosita will be available to wish your kids goodnight.

* This is a Sesame Street VIP Package. Click here for more details.


So, what are you waiting for?! Your perfect kid-friendly Caribbean adventure is just within reach. All you have to do is contact your travel agent today.

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