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Why Using a Travel Advisor is a Piece of (Free) Cake

Why Using a Travel Advisor is a Piece of (Free) Cake

Planning vacations can be exhausting and confusing, especially if you’ve never been to your dream destination. Why get frustrated over all the opinions the Internet has on the “best hotel” when your trusty travel advisor can do it for you? Using a travel advisor to plan your vacation is one of the best decisions you can make. Plus, it’s totally free! Think of them as your own personalized Google.

We say this because we think travel advisors are total Rockstars. But we’re not the only ones! The family-friendly cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line, loves them just as much too! So much so, they’ve launched a fun campaign, WUATA (Why Use a Travel Advisor). With WUATA, Carnival is going across the U.S., throwing fun parties to show off the value that comes with using a travel advisor. If you keep reading, below we’ll share Carnival’s top three reasons why you should be booking with a travel advisor. (They even have a whole website dedicated to this!)

Already using a travel advisor that totally rocks? Perfect! Carnival wants to reward them and you with a free cruise but scroll to the bottom of this blog for more info on that.


1. Fulfiller of Dreams

According to Carnival’s WUATA site, cruise guests enjoy 10% higher satisfaction with their overall cruise experience when booking through a travel advisor. Travel advisors are trained not only to book your vacations but to really understand you as a person so they can curate your perfect vacation. No cookie-cutter vacation packages here – unless you ask for it. 

It’s no wonder why more than 75% of all cruises booked worldwide are booked through travel advisors.


2. Stress-Free

Researching every component that goes into your vacation is stressful and exhausting. That’s where a travel advisor comes in. Travel advisors are experts in their field – so scouting the perfect hotel, excursion, or even flight is nothing they can’t handle. 

And while your travel advisor will take every precaution, they’re also ready to dive in head first if a problem arises during your vacation. Don’t believe us? According to a study, 78% of those who last used a travel advisor within 5 years believe that travel advisors are always looking out for their clients. Can’t argue those facts!


3. Completely Free*

Travel advisors are free to use! Yes, free. (Have we mentioned that before?) Booking your next cruises vacation won’t be any more expensive than if you didn’t use a travel advisor. If anything, you may even snag an extra perk or discount because of hidden tidbit or special rate only your travel advisor had exclusive access to*. Sounds like a no brainer to us!

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*Travel advisor cannot guarantee discounted fares or free perks.


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Brag About Your Trusted Travel Advisor

As we mentioned plenty of times, travel advisors rock! So, Carnival is searching for the best of the best, in their “Most Trusted Travel Advisor” contest! 

The winning advisor won’t only get bragging rights. They and their client nominator will also win a cruise on Mardi Gras – Carnival’s newest ship debuting in 2020. The grand prize also includes roundtrip airfare and $1,000 cash prize for the advisor.

Do you know a travel advisor that clearly stands out from the rest? Nominate your travel advisor by submitting a short story on why your travel advisor deserves to win. More details and to enter can be done by clicking here. Hurry, the contest ends October 29th! 


Why Using a Travel Advisor is a Piece of (Free) Cake

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