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Tis the Season: How to Save on Your Winter Getaway

Are you thinking about your winter getaway? Perhaps to somewhere warm? Or maybe a ski vacation?

If so, you may be concerned about travel prices increasing during peak travel times such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. In fact, your vacation may cost you more money than you thought.

Whether you’re traveling as a family, group, or couple to the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii, the good news is you don’t have to deplete your savings for a winter-weather escape.

Read on to discover ways to save on your winter getaway, and don’t allow the “hazy shade of winter” to keep you from traveling.

7 Ways to Save on Your Winter Getaway

Buy a Vacation Package That Includes Air and Hotel

Many resorts offer package deals that include air and hotel; this is a money saver. You may even get a free night and discount on food and drinks (if you don’t stay at an all-inclusive resort). When you review winter getaway packages with your travel agent, look for one that offers you the best value and options for your money.

Choose the Right Card and Phone Plan

You may want to leave your traveler’s checks at home. Why? Because the ATM may give you the best exchange rate; however, you’ll need to consider debit card fees. If you belong to a credit union, it may be your best option. Make sure you read the fine print of your credit cards because you may be charged with transaction fees.

Forget about Paying for Stuff You Don’t Need

Do you really need to buy sunglasses on your vacation? You probably don’t. The better option is to bring two pairs in case you break or lose a pair. Before you buy anything, think about if it’s a “need” or a “want.” Even though you may want to buy a pair of sandals, you probably don’t need them, if you pack two pairs.

Make Sure Transfers Are Included

When you take a winter vacation, your main focus is probably getting way from the cold and snow and not the transfers you may need to get from your hotel to the airport. Make sure these are included with your travel package because you don’t want to spend the extra money for public transportation, cab or Uber (where available).

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Pre-Book Excursions and Tours

When you speak with your travel agent about booking your winter getaway, consider the activities you’ll want to do. Most importantly, be strategic with excursions and tours. You can save money with pre-packages, so you won’t be tempted to impulse buy extra activities.

Think about Baggage Fees

Remember the travel rule of “when in doubt leave it out!” If you’re traveling as a family, you probably don’t need to bring your oversized stroller. Why? Because most resorts offer rentals, so you can save money and time on bringing yours. You may also consider flying with an air carrier that doesn’t charge baggage fees (not many around) or find one that gives a first check bag onboard for free.

Travel During Non-Peak Travel Times

Consider when you’ll take your winter getaway. While it may be nice to take a vacation over the holidays, you may want to avoid the stress and long lines and opt for a non-peak travel time. If you have kids, this may not be ideal. However, most schools have accepted that families travel. Make arrangements with your child’s school. This way he or she won’t miss much homework.

Cure the Winter Blues by Saving on Your Winter Getaway

Imagine you and your family taking a winter vacation to the Bahamas. You trade-in boots, hats, gloves, and scarves for flip-flips, bathing suits, and sunshine – you say goodbye to the snow and sleet!

Not only do you enjoy your family friendly resort with its Kid’s Club, but you get to catch up on your golf game and explore colorful shops, historic sites, and even have a date night in downtown Nassau.

Doesn’t this sound good? It sure does!

Contact your Travel Planners International agent today and get help with planning your winter getaway. Ask about Apple Vacations and their nonstop exclusive vacation flights along with their hotels with Apple-included value-adds. Even though the weather outside may be frightful where you live, your Caribbean vacation will melt your winter blues in no time!

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