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How Do I Become An ASTA Member?

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Who Is ASTA?

American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) is the professional trade association for travel advisors. It’s the largest travel advisor group in the world. ASTA membership is open to travel agencies of all sizes, suppliers, and advisors. ASTA promotes, defends, informs, and represents the travel industry as a whole. Their mission is to promote ethical travel and sales, encourage networking, and foster growth.

What Is the Role of ASTA in Tourism?

ASTA in tourism is the travel industry’s only group of its kind. ASTA membership is open to the entire travel industry. The group exists to enact and promote ethical practices throughout the entire travel industry. They advocate for everyone who takes part in travel: advisors, suppliers, and travelers.

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Objectives of ASTA

ASTA strives for continued training and skill growth. Their commitment to excellence within the travel industry extends into their advocacy. ASTA represents and protects the best interests of travel advisors in the eyes of the law.

ASTA membership requires complying with a code of ethics. These ethics align with the main objectives of ASTA, which include:

  • To serve as an evergreen resource in the industry
  • To promote ethical travel that’s safe for the environment
  • To promote the best interests of all members
  • To protect advisors and travelers from fraud and scams
  • To provide a common space for travel workers to engage
  • To encourage members to share ideas
  • To publish travel industry resources
  • To offer meetings and seminars
  • To teach and train members

Role and Function of ASTA

To put it simply, ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel agents or advisors. ASTA plays a critical role in all aspects of travel. For travel advisors, they provide valuable training resources. Also, they provide a global forum for advisors to connect with each other. With ASTA membership, advisors can connect with piers as well as travel suppliers. They help make you a better travel advisor.

ASTA protects travel advisors from government practices that could be unfair. They promote ethical and fair travel, and they prevent unfair taxes or fees on travel. This groups is key in creating travel-related government regulations and legislation. They level the playing field and promote fair competition. ASTA works in the best interests of the entire travel industry.

Above all, ASTA promotes professionalism and excellence. They encourage collaboration to achieve the best solutions. ASTA protects advisors and travelers alike from potential risks. They publicize the importance of working with a travel advisor. With an ASTA membership, clients know they can trust you. ASTA is just as passionate about travel as you are, and they understand and value your talents.

How Many Members Does ASTA Have?

ASTA is the world’s largest trade association for the travel industry. ASTA represents more than 2,600 travel agency and supplier companies. Thousands of travel professionals throughout the United States posses ASTA membership. Members and consumers alike have access to a directory of travel advisors. This resource helps them connect with an ATSA member.

ASTA membership exists in many forms. They vary based on the details of your specific business. Travel agencies and advisors make up the largest portion of ASTA. Many travel suppliers also join the ASTA. These partners include:

  • Car rental companies
  • Cruise lines
  • Hotels
  • Major airlines
  • Tour companies

Reasons to Join ASTA

  • Boost your credentials
  • Show clients they can trust you
  • Grow your business
  • Protect your hard work and livelihood
  • Build a stronger network
  • Increase your knowledge and skills
  • Connect with members in more than 120 countries
  • Gain access to exclusive resources
  • Know how to answer every client question
  • Learn from training courses
  • Network with global travel suppliers
  • Connect with potential clients and travelers
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