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4 Ways Millennial Travelers Pay to Travel

Millennials have shaken things up. Not only have they become savvy travelers, but they know what makes for a great experience and will voice their complaints [use social media to do so] when expectations aren’t met.

In fact, Expedia conducted a survey and found that Millennials travel more for leisure than any other generation. Why? Because they’re saying goodbye to the typical 9-to-5 work routine for one that includes more happiness and travel – lifestyle is important.

Keep in mind that Millennials are changing the look and feel of the travel industry. They prefer unique hotel experiences with friendly lobbies where they can meet new people and work at the same time, want to travel to exotic destinations but also in their own backyards, and book travel based on their friends’ recommendations.

Millennial travelers will increase throughout the years. Keep reading to learn the top four ways they pay to travel. Some of them may surprise you.

These Are the Top 4 Ways Millennial Travelers Pay to Travel

Accept a Job Transfer or Get a New Job in another Country

The easiest way for millennial travelers to pay for travel is for their company to transfer them to another location or find a new job in another country. Television programs such as HGTV’s House Hunters International often feature singles and couples who move from their homelands to other countries. Young couples often want to stay within their rental budget because they want to have enough money for travel. For example, Allie and Cooper moved from New York to Singapore for Cooper’s job. They’ve traveled to Bali and Vietnam. They’ve also met people they may not have before if they stayed in New York. Allie and Cooper’s life is global, providing them with rich, immersive travel experiences .

Have Part-Time Jobs

Regardless of what previous generations think about Millennials, they work hard. Some of them freelance on the side using their consulting, writing, web design, graphic design and other skills to generate more income. Others drive for Uber in their free time. Not only is it a great way to earn extra cash for traveling, but it’s another opportunity to meet people who may help you to succeed in your career.

Teach English as Second Language

Millennial travelers are drawn to teaching English as a second language. Why? Because it gives them the opportunity to travel the world, get paid for it and help people at the same time. Living in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, or another country for a year, gives you the opportunity to learn more about a culture, develop relationships you may not have had before, and assist others with learning and achieving their goals. It pays to teach English as a second language!

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Work While Traveling

Whether they work at night in hostels and receive free accommodation and breakfast or help a family with their farm, Millennial travelers have figured out how to pay for travel. While this may not be for everyone, taking odd jobs while you travel is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and discover things about yourself that you may not have known.

Millennial Travelers Travel More for Leisure than Any Other Group

Millennial travelers will pay to travel. Why? Because they want new cultural experiences [includes eating local cuisine and making new friends], see the places on their bucket lists, and do the things on their bucket lists. In fact you can learn a thing or two from them. For example:

• Spend money on good meals because you may never get another chance to savor the flavors of exotic dishes.

• Add personal days to your business trips so you can explore a city at your leisure [you’ll have to personally pay for your extended stay].

• Don’t go it alone! Use a travel agent to book trips because they have years of experience and can get you the best deals, some of which you may not know exist.

Paying for travel is easy! And there’s no excuse not to travel if you really want to do so. Refer to the above ways on how you can pay for your next trip and you’ll be traveling in no time.

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