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3 Alternative Family Vacations

It’s that time of year to start planning your family vacation and the typical theme park options just don’t seem too appealing this year. Take the unconventional route and try an alternative family vacation!

When families embark on a new and exciting vacation they haven’t tried before, memories of what you experienced together become some of the most unforgettable and cherished memories you’ll ever hold. Ot, the Onward Traveler’s friendly and fury mascot, has scoured the planet to report back with three amazing alternative vacations your family will love!

Cruising to Alaska

Sailing to the tropics is always a good time, but cruising to Alaska is a remarkable journey all ages will appreciate. Royal Caribbean International® takes care of all the planning, transportation and lodging for you, from trekking the blue ice of massive glacial fields to visiting the stunning scenery and wildlife. Enjoy the fully escorted multi-night land tours (which can be taken before or after your cruise) and spend at least one night in Denali National Park. Everything in Alaska is big, bold and absolutely breathtaking. There’s no way you’ll regret cruising Alaska over the Caribbean!

Kauai Surf School

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Kauai Surf School makes learning to surf easy and exciting for the entire family. The school offers group sessions with an attentive instructor so everyone will be surfing the big waves in no time! After a long day playing in the waves, travel just a short six minutes back to the family-favorite Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort where parents can drop their kids off at Camp Hyatt to learn hula dancing. While the children are occupied, adults can take personal time to enjoy Old World favorites at Dondero’s elegant restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Farm Stay

Staying on a farm has never come to mind as a relaxing getaway by any means, but farm stay is the modern form of tranquility we too easily forget. Imagine waking without an alarm to the sounds of nature and farm animals roaming hundreds of acres freely. Be fed elaborate ranch meals, wander the mountainous trails, play in the cool creeks and collect eggs and vegetables for the chef to cook up your next meal. Check out Farm Stay U.S., featured in Budget Travel, Country Living, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few, in finding the perfect setting for your farm stay!

Don’t settle for ordinary when you have a world of travel opportunities. The beach won’t wash away, so try something new that will bring your family closer together. Visit Travel Planners International to find a specialized travel agent that will help you book an exceptional alternative family vacation!

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