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4 National Parks You’ve Never Heard Of – But Should!

National parks are the epitome of peace, where beautiful landscapes and rare animal interactions collide for your camera’s capture and viewing pleasure. However, the mass-commercialization of well-known national parks have taken the fame away from parks in need of recognition. So, we’ve listed the unknown national parks to put on your travel list for the year!

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

This is the most northern national park in the United States and only brings in a few thousand attendees per year. The best time to visit Gates of the Arctic is mid-fall to observe the breathtaking aurora-lit skies of the Northern Lights. Premier wilderness interactions come alive as wild rivers meander through the glacier-carved valleys and caribou migrate along the timeworn trails.

National Park of American Samoa, American Samoa

As you venture 2,600 miles Southwest of Hawaii to the middle of the South Pacific, you will find one of the only national parks in the world that offers both rain forests and coral reefs to explore … The National Park of American Samoa! This American territory holds an island iconic for its culture, secluded villages, and surplus of natural resources. Enjoy endless beaches, mountains covered in foliage, exceptional wildlife local to the island, along with pure blue waters great for snorkeling and other sea-bound adventures. It’s actual possible to have everything in one place!

El Malpais National Monument and Conservation Area, New Mexico

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El Malpais, meaning the badland in Spanish, is home to the rocky landscape of cinder cones and lava flowing throughout the lands. The lava tubes create massive caverns for unguided exploration to discover a natural world underground. Pathways throughout the park make it easy for visitors to hike the ancient lands and sightsee along the way!

Jasper National Park, Canada

Jasper National Park is one of Canada’s longest and oldest parks with trails over 1,000km long. Not to mention, Jasper is home to the largest Dark Sky Preserve on Earth! Trafalgar takes you through Jasper on one of their many iconic Canadian tours, where travelers tour the unique Columbia Icefield. Afterwards, walk the Maligne Canyon, then embark on a cruise through Maligne Lake to conclude with a relaxing dinner in the heart of Jasper.

National parks provide the experience of a lifetime, with a variety of landscape features for all ages to enjoy. Connect with a specialized travel agent to find the perfect park to visit based on your needs and interests. Make your next vacation unforgettable!

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