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Australia and New Zealand Activities You Probably Don’t Know About

G’Day! Australia and New Zealand are an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. They’re both magical countries with shimmering beaches for sunning and surfing, outstanding dive sites, and stunning Outback walks and hikes. But there’s more to these two countries than these typical travel experiences. Read on to learn about Australia and New Zealand activities you probably don’t know about.

Enjoy the Basket of Plenty

In Tauranga, New Zealand, you can experience the unique flavors of The Bay of Plenty on a tasting tour that includes visits to an artisan bakery, fish market, and kiwi fruit orchard. Imagine sampling artisan bread, salami, Dutch cheese, smoked fish, fresh mussels, and local beers, ciders, and wines. Your guide will collect foods for the “Basket” throughout the tour and then you’ll enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch.

Gorge Hop at El Questro

You’ll need to be coordinated to navigate the rugged Kimberly region of Australia. You can rent a 4WD and head to the El Questro Wilderness Park. The savannah landscape in the far North of Australis looks more like terrain found in Africa. You’ll find magnificent gorges to hike to and swim at. For an enhanced experience, soak in Zebedee Hot Springs under a full moon.

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Take a Ketch Wildlife Cruise

In Akaroa, New Zealand, you can sail Akaroa Harbor aboard the Fox II and go back in time millions of years into a volcanic past as you cruise the crater of an extinct volcano. You’ll be escorted to Hector’s Dolphins where you’ll see albatross, fur seals, and penguins hanging out on the landscape. For an ultimate sailing experience, you can help manage the boat.

Very Unique Australia and New Zealand Travel Experiences

Australia and New Zealand have gorgeous sceneries, modern cities, and vibrant cultures. If you’re like me, you may prefer to cruise to the other side of the world. I like Celebrity Cruises because they offer many Australia and New Zealand cruise travel packages with fun excursions.

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