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Plan an Unforgettable Trip to the Plains of Africa


Collette African PlainsWhen most travel agents browse destinations for potential travel that their clients and customers might enjoy, places like Hawaii, Florida and Paris might top the list.

However, those travelers who are eager to do something incredible and memorable might instead prefer a getaway to a place like Africa.

The African plains are breathtaking, and the scenery isn’t all that there is to admire. Find out how a host agency for travel agents is the ultimate resource you need to organize and plan a world-class trip to Africa.

Wildlife You Will Never Forget

One of the biggest reasons to head to Africa, according to most travelers, is for the opportunity to see the “Big 5” in their natural habitats.

While some people might be interested in hunting these majestic creatures on a safari, many more simply want to take incredible photos of animals like lions, giraffes, Cape buffalo, leopards and rhinoceroses.

Safari parks and nature reserves can be found throughout Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa, but many of the best destinations include the Rothschild Giraffe Sanctuary, the Shaba Reserve, the Masai Mara Game Reserve and the Amboseli National Park.

You won’t be seeing these animals in a zoo setting, thankfully. Visitors can ride in open or closed vehicles through large plains and see the Big 5 as well as birds and other smaller creatures feeding or just sleeping in their vast territories.

Thrilling History and Scenery

There is much more to Africa than just the wildlife. During a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the plains of Africa, you will have opportunities to see some of the world’s most incredible scenery as well as historical landmarks and attractions.

In the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, you could visit the 100-year-old Nairobi National Museum or see traditional Kenyan artifacts and homes at the Bomas of Kenya.

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As for scenery, there are few things that can beat the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, but things that come close include the sunset over the Serengeti Plains, the views from the base of the stunning Mt. Kenya, the lush greenery of the Great Rift Valley and the beautiful Nyahururu waterfalls.

Experience the Cultures of Africa

A trip to explore the African plains will also allow visitors to learn more about what life is like for the area’s residents.

In Nairobi, you’ll notice British colonial influences in the architecture. In the Maasai Market, however, the atmosphere is distinctly Kenyan and the vibrancy is obvious from the minute you start haggling for the handcrafted local souvenirs.

There are also opportunities to visit authentic Masai villages where visitors can join in for a traditional meal, sleep overnight like the locals or watch the stunning dance performance for which the Maasai are well known.

Resources Needed to Plan These Amazing Adventures

Planning a full trip through Africa includes many details and can be challenging even for an experienced independent travel agent. Thankfully, working with a host agency for travel agents means having resources open to you like Collette.

Offering world-class African adventures lasting a full two weeks, Collette ensures that travelers have everything from safaris to meals to accommodation taken care of, which makes it easier than ever for you as a travel agent to make sure your clients have the trip they are dreaming of.

Africa is an exciting and beautiful continent, and some of the most memorable vacations in the world take place on its plains. From animals to culture, the stunning destination truly has it all.


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